Dispute Resolution Proceeding 

Vancouver Fire & Rescue Services 
No general storage in underground parking 
This Notice of Violation makes you legally responsible
For any consequence arising from this matter
And possible legal action 

 The Landlord gave this 
To all Tenants
He put this in Glens mail box 104
And 105 mail box
To make sure he got it 

If you have any items in the Basement 
They must be clean out 
By December 1st.,2017
Thank you

Glen in apt 104 Refused to clean out his junk

The Landlord then gave Glen a 
1 Month notice to end Tenancy for cause 
Move out date 5/1/2018

December 14,2017
Glen Warren filed a 
Notice of Dispute Resolution Proceeding 
Since the September 14,2017 court case
Glen has never tie up his dog or put it on a lease
The dog bit the next door neighbour
It was reported to the city
And Animal Control 

Glen is so bad now I had to email

CODE NUMBER W407-24073

I gave glen a 30 day notice to move since then He's been kicking at my door

Telling me he will kill me I will not live to take him to court

He empty a vacuum bag out in front of my door, then last night he was drunk
he really kick at the door he left marks then about 10 o'clock he started to bang on the bedroom glass window stating your dead you will never make it to court

Plus he put garage in front of the door last night my roommate clean it up

Monday night this dog bit the next door neighbour the second time and

I report it the number is 17-318257

10:25 Glen just kick in my door 
I phone the police 

Theirs more my roommate will tell you

Glen will only talk to you when he is drunk and he has a golf club in his hand


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